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Natural Nootropic


Increase: Focus – cognitive response (GABA) – Concentration and energy levels
Decrease: Stress – anxiety and mood levels
By itself, l-theanine is effective nootropic. But when combined with caffeine…there’s a pronounced synergistic effect. This means you experience heightened focus, awareness, and energy, as well as reduced stress and improved mental endurance to even higher levels.

Clinical Study

The effects of these treatments on word recognition, rapid visual information processing, critical flicker fusion threshold, attention switching and mood were compared to placebo in 27 participants.
Performance was measured at baseline @ 60 min and 90 min after each dosage 1 capsule (separated by a 7-day washout). Caffeine improved subjective alertness at 60 min and accuracy on the attention-switching task at 90 min. The L-theanine and caffeine combination improved both speed and accuracy of performance of the attention-switching task at 60 min, and reduced susceptibility to distracting information in the memory task at both 60 min and 90 min. These results replicate previous evidence which suggests that L-theanine and caffeine in combination are beneficial for improving performance on cognitively demanding tasks.

Again, sounds too good to be true, right? There must be some negative side effects.
Luckily, l-theanine has been shown to have basically zero levels of toxicity, dependency, or tolerance, meaning you could theoretically take large doses every day without negative side effects.

Combination of the 2 ingredients – Caffeine and L-theanine together.
Take 1 to 2 Zen Caffe capsules, the ratio of caffeine to theanine has being clinically balanced (100 mg of caffeine with 200 mg of theanine) to assist you when you need that extra help in focus stress levels increase in energy or just as a pick me upper…… with no side effects. People who are caffeine sensitive limit their dosage

Why we selected a pure non blended 100% Brazilian Coffee. Brazilian coffee stands out among all other coffee beans. What is it that defines a Brazilian bean? Lower Acidity – Having a coffee that has high acidity is not a good thing, at least, not according to the taste buds. When it’s grown in the lower altitudes like it is in Brazil, the coffee will then have low acidity. Because of all of this, the coffee beans will be sweet, round and will provide an excellent taste.

As the name implies, this supplement is extracted from green coffee beans. Green coffee beans are loaded with antioxidants and pharmacologically active compounds. Two of the most important ones are Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid (ALA). Chlorogenic acid is a phytochemical found in coffee and coffee beans. It has been touted as being able to reduce blood sugar levels and potentially exert an anti-diabetic effect. It has also been implicated in weight loss and exerting an anti-obesity effect.

Chicory is a woody, herbaceous plant that has many health benefits. These include its ability to ease digestive problems, prevent heartburn because it actively reduces the acidity of the body’s systems. , reduce arthritis pain, detoxify the liver and gallbladder, prevent bacterial infections, boost the immune system, and reduce the chances of heart diseases. It is also a natural sedative that can fight against kidney stones and promote weight loss. Chicory has sedative qualities that can reduce anxiety and thereby relieving stress

As a weight loss supplement, Citrus Aurantium Dietary supplement designed to support calorie burning (thermogenesis) and resulting weight loss.

Raspberry Ketones causes the body to produce more adiponectin, a protein that helps to regulate metabolism and break down stored fat. Scientists found that Raspberry Ketone improves and even prevents obesity and fatty liver.

African mango is a tree native to West Africa. It is widely touted for its weight loss and fat burning effects, but extracts of various parts of this tree also have antioxidant properties, lower cholesterol, and reduce blood sugar.