Summer Health – MSM


  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduce Oxidative Stress
  • Relieves Gout
  • Collagen booster
  • Treatment for arthritis
  • Beauty From Within
  • And many many more

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

Commonly known as MSM, (methylsulfonylmethane) is a rich source of sulfur. MSM is an organic sulphur already found in abundance in your body and a variety of foods; isolated it is a white, odourless powder. It forms the flexible bonds between proteins. The great thing about MSM is you don’t need large quantities for it to have a positive effect and can be taken every day . The sulfur content of MSM is used by the body to maintain normal connective tissues. MSM is a compound used for arthritis relief, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that levitates joint pain and stiffness, while it can help improve motion, MSM also helps with aches and pains in the joints and muscles. MSM can also help prevent the breakdown of cartilage. MSM is widely used in the alternative medicine field and by people looking for a natural way to relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation and boost immunity. In addition, research supports its use in treating a number of conditions from arthritis to rosacea.

MSM offers a variety of health benefits because it contains anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties. This naturally occurring mineral supplies sulfur to make other chemicals in the body, but MSM has much more to offer. So, let’s check out reasons to take Summer Health`s  MSM supplement AND  that it has a FDA approval of GRAS (Generally  Recommended As Safe )

Known to help decrease joint inflammation, improve flexibility and restore collagen production, MSM has the ability to make cell walls flexible and elastic. If the concentration of MSM in the body is too low, the new cells lose some of their necessary flexibility, resulting in pain. MSM make cell walls permeable, allowing water and nutrients to freely flow into cells and toxins to properly flow out. Research has shown that MSM is highly effective in improving joint flexibility and reducing joint pain, MSM is an excellent natural treatment for arthritis.


MSM can also help reduce muscle cramps. Research suggests that MSM can act like a natural analgesic, helping prevent and treat muscle aches and pains, throbbing and swelling while improving range of motion and mobility. Plus, MSM may help muscle recovery after exercise, injuries and even surgeries.


Essential for proper collagen production, MSM is one of the best products to prevent wrinkles as well as dry and cracked skin. Using Summer Health`s MSM supplement helps to hold on to precious collagen and keratin because sulfur is required for the production of these youthful compounds.


As a suitable treatment for a variety of skin conditions that cause reddened, swollen skin, MSM can be applied to the skin to reduce puffiness, discoloration and swelling. Most acne treatments address clogged pores with harsh chemicals, but MSM offers a gentler way to treat inflammation associated with acne. MSM has been shown to help boost both collagen and keratin levels, two nutrients needed to form new hair strands. MSM can help reverse hair loss by providing the sulfur needed to produce collagen and keratin. For many people, looking good” is part of feeling good. Healthy radiant skin is a sign of vibrant good health, and is often at the top of the wish list for people who want to look their best. MSM  Sulfur is a key component of collagen that supports the skin’s structural framework. It is also a building block of keratin, the main structural constituent of hair and nails.

  • Rejuvenate – MSM maintains disulfide bonds that keep collagen strands strong to preserve the pliancy of connective tissue.
  • Restore – By maintaining healthy collagen, cross-linking or “hardening” of the tissue is inhibited allowing for healthy dermal functioning.
  • Repair – MSM benefits the structural framework of skin tissue and is a building block for keratin and glycosaminoglycans.

One of the most important features of MSM is that it makes your cells more permeable, allowing toxins and metabolic waste products to easily be moved out of the cells, while essential nutrients and hydration can be moved in.


MSM is known to naturally increase energy due to the increased permeability of the cells, less energy is required to deal with the accumulation of toxins.  This results in more energy being redirected towards activity and necessary healing.


Aging skin can occur more rapidly than ever before, due to UV rays, poor nutrition, and environmental toxins. MSM helps inhibit the signs of aging skin by supporting key nutrient production and reducing inflammatory molecules related to the breakdown of dermal collagen and elastin structure of the skin