SummerSlim Competitions

Congratulations on your Purchase may the weight fall off. Well done for taking the 1st step to a NEW YOU. Your purchase will be validated by the Particapating Agent that you purchased from, If it was online then add the the website details down and there contact no . We will do the rest. Please read and exept the T&C of the competion.

The competion starts every 25th of the Month and ends the 25th of the next Month. WINNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED BEFORE THE LAST WORKING DAY OF THE MONTH

What product/s did you buy

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Winning – if you are the lucky particiapant that gets choosen you will win your NEXT MONTHS SUMMER SLIM PRODUCT TO THE SAME VALUE FOR FREE , you can take the same product/s or take a diffrant combination set, its all up to you. Your agent allso Wins so please enter the agents name and contact no . Good luck and happy Weight Loss – The Summer Slim Team