Who We Are?

Our promise to you

We promise to only offer you the best quality products, without compromise. We shall remain transparent and ensure that our products are aligned with your efforts, goals and lifestyle. We promise to remain innovative- allowing you to benefit from superior products.

We manufacture all our products, and are made with premium ingredients of the highest quality, all are proudly  made in South Africa.


The SUMMERSLIM™ range has been specially formulated with ingredients to help your body function at its best. Our formulas help support you in your weight loss journey. Our Product range may help boost metabolism, reduce appetite, clean and detox your body, break down fat, aid digestion, act as a gentle laxative and diuretic. Choose a product/s that will suite your personal preference we have combo products sets to optimize your weigh loss. Losing weight at any age is a lifestyle change, you may have to face the acute stresses of balancing family and career, increase energy and drive while maintaining your weight. Poor nutrition and irregular eating patterns lead to periods of over- and undereating, resulting negatively to weight loss and maintaining one’s weight.


All SUMMERSLIM™ Weight loss products are made up of 100% Natural ingredients chosen for their health, weight loss abilities and benefits. But not only that, having to feed the Body with what it needs most to lose those unwanted love handles to help you get to a Healthier Lifestyle, and feel better. 

NO, you don’t – SUMMERSLIM™ activates Thermogenic to facilitate weight loss by stimulating exercise. SUMMERSLIM™ was formulated around the needs that do not have the to gym or if you find it difficult to be more active. But having a session OR 3 at the gym/walks will not harm anyone.
NO – we do recommend that you cut down on your sugar, eat fewer carbs and starch, and cut down on fizzy drinks. Increase your water intake 2.5 to 3lt per day -(Very important) SAY NO to that slice of pizza or cheesecake. Possibly the reason you are reading this now, REMEMBER YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. If you have unhealthy eating habits, the chances are your family is too, you will find an Eating Plan and a measuring chart that you can download under services Eating Plan & progress-tracker. This can guide you but not necessary to follow.